CMBT Token listed in Trocaninja p2p Exchange

At the last Bitconf (Largest crypto-coins and blockchain conference in Brazil) , Saint Clair (CEO of 3Xbit) has announced some new features, one of which is the redesign of the trading platform (Trocaninja) bringing a new concept of exchange in p2p.

Bought by 3Xbit in 2018

Coinmarketbrasil was already in the process of negotiating with the old Direction of the before the sale, 3Xbit kept the negotiations and our CMBT tokens will be traded on the platform in the BETA stage of the system.

Coinmarketbrasil and 3Xbit will publish several more technical content on the operation, aiming to bring the greatest transparency and clarification possible throughout this stage of negotiation / sale of CMBT tokens and operation of the platform that will act as a ‘free market of tokens’. Some more great steps of 3xbit in the Brazilian and world market :), and another step for CoinMarketBrasil.

Now is to keep the focus on the development of systems, seek the professionals that are lacking for our team, get ahead with our ideas and slowly take our applications to the world and who knows out (space race growing a lot and always need security and effective systems hehe). Much responsibility, and a lot of work ahead. Trade-CMBT  System in phase BETA.

In order to ensure good transaction flow and security, all tokens on the platform will be held in the TNJ/CMBT pair, with the seller having a maximum time limit for sending these tokens requested, in addition to allowing the monitoring of all transactions performed, ensuring a good guarantee in the negotiations carried out on the platform.

Some projects besides CMBT are already available on the platform.


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