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Coinmarketbrasil proves the decentralization of operations in ERP systems, validating data in a reliable, safe and efficient way, by leveraging automated smart contracts to enterprise systems, using Blockchain protocols.

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Company pioneering in development of Dapps in Brazil, being the first to have it's own token for the implementation of descentralized services
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BI-Wallet (Bussiness Inteligence Wallet) Will offer resources for companies. U-Wallet (SI – Simplified) It will offer common cryptocurrencies wallet.

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Technologies to support business modernization Application systems to smartcontracts in services contracted and sold.

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Applications for management and payments Exchange for transactions Operating in more than 20 cryptocurrencies.


The main purpose of using CMBT Token will be the validation of services and business projects It can be exchanged, made payments, automated payments in SmartContracts and linked to contracts of licenses and projects sold.


With the use of quantum computing in the coming years, security will be crucial for business life.

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CMBT Price = 0,74 USD
CMBT Token Launch Details

Tokens are used as 'allowances' in some corporate applications, and funds touse for balancing fees for open services provided such as Exchange and payment systems.

Tokens are like payments for services provided by CoinMarketBrasil. CoinMarket offers various services, such as payment of tickets and deposits in the portfolio, data security consulting, crypto management, smart contract management, exchange service, and a Token is also used as partner companies.

The SmartContracts service is an intelligent, less bureaucratic and costeffective contract, as it avoids the consumption of raw material (paper), and its intelligent registration will be validated in blockchain.

CoinMarketBrasil provides 24-hour technology support, with qualified professionals and all the secrecy of operations, meeting all information security standards.

  • 37,050,000

  • 6,500,000

  • 9,100,000

  • 12,350,000

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8 years Application and service development, Information Security Specialist, ITIL, PMI, SCRUM, COBIT. 3 years in Blockchain and SmartContract development.


More than 30 years acting on IT field. Throughout his career, he has worked in companies from various groups and segments in different areas, COBIT, ITIL, and PMI.

Igor Rother

Broad experience in operations management, Technical Specialist in Business Operations.


Chief Financial Officer

Erik Dvan

Marketing/Arts Coordinator
Music producer and founder of the world renowed UHP Records. Has worked on several projects involving arts, digital media and audio visual content.

Michel Oliveira

Dev Analyst / Information Security Specialist
Expert in information security, with over 5 years of experience, practical knowledge application processes and security procedures and business continuity.

Paul Karukin

Public Relations in NA
With almost a decade of customer service experience Paul will be heading our PR for North America and will serve as our corporate liaison for American companies in which we enter a partnership with

Márcio Teruel

Athlete, out of the fields, his interest in technology has always been accompanied, investor and technology enthusiast mainly in the blockchain protocol, recently won quite prestigious after supporting successful projects such as StrongHands and Darenta. Now ask for executive support for a Coinmarket


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