CMBT token listing

Our token has not yet been listed in any exchange

We are in the process of negotiations and search for financial contributions for listing.

You can help us by sending messages to your favorite exchange, or even buying our tokens.


You can follow up when the token is listed through Coingecko:


In addition to our social networks, we will advise you on the progress of any negotiation



We are working to launch our Mobile Wallet as early as possible, and update our roadmap and whitepapers.

And bring more people to our team, to contribute to the development of our platforms and community.

Our token is already supported and listed on the main ETH-ERC20 portfolios, and we are working to distribute and term the largest number of portfolios listed.

By the time we have the token listed in exchanges, everyone can negotiate with convenience and security that the world of cryptos offers.



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