Leia o Documento do Artigo: SEGURANÇA DA INFORMAÇÃO E O POTENCIAL IMPACTO DE TECNOLOGIAS BLOCKCHAIN NA SOCIEDADE   SEGURANÇA DA INFORMAÇÃO E O POTENCIAL IMPACTO DE TECNOLOGIAS BLOCKCHAIN NA SOCIEDADE Rafael C. Ribeiro [email protected] Resumo Este artigo considera os impactos da crescente adoção e usabilidade dos sistemas baseados em blockchain seus impactos no setor de Read more about SEGURANÇA-DA-INFORMAÇÃO-E-O-POTENCIAL-IMPACTO-DE-TECNOLOGIAS-BLOCKCHAIN-NA-SOCIEDADE[…]

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Novo Membro no Time CoinMarketBrasil – Márcio Teruel

Márcio Teruel, brasileiro iniciou sua carreira esportiva em 2003, construiu uma carreira dentro do esporte e ao longo dos anos, interessou-se por tecnologia e recentemente ganhou muito prestígio no mercado em suas pesquisas e atividades de apoio a projetos blockchain, além de grande investidor no setor, Teruel fez parte de projetos de sucesso como StrongHands Read more about Novo Membro no Time CoinMarketBrasil – Márcio Teruel[…]

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CoinMarketBrasil PRIVACY POLICY   Last updated: April 3, 2018   This privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”, “Policy”) explains how CoinMarketBrasil, a company registered and existing under the laws of Federative Republic of Brazil, or other authorized by CoinMarketBrasil company(-ies), if any ( “Company”, “us” or “we”), collects, stores, uses and protects personal information, when you access Read more about Privacy Policy[…]

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TERMS OF USE     Last updated: April 2nd, 2018   This document acts as an agreed upon terms of use (“Terms of Use”, “Terms”) between you (“Purchaser”, “User”, “you”) and CoinMarketBrasil (“Company”, “us” or “we”). You accept these Terms when you purchase CMBT tokens (“Tokens”) or use Company’s services or any other features, technologies Read more about CMBT Terms of Use[…]

About CoinMarketBrasil

CoinMarketBrasil will provide a decentralization system for business project operations, which can be deployed to existing ERP systems, adding database security and implementing managed blockchain services. The companies will have a portal for payment and receipt of accounts and contracts, where it will be mandatory to define the stakeholders and responsible for such document, in Read more about About CoinMarketBrasil[…]

CMBToken: How Does The CoinMarketBrasil Token Work?

Coinmarketbrasil is a decentralized enterprise system that leverages automated smart contracts to validate data in an efficient, safe, and reliable way on a decentralized system. The blockchain of ERP operations uses smart contract blockchain protocols to offer validation services to businesses and projects and in return earn CMBTokens. Value Of The CoinMarketBrasil CMBToken CMBTokens can Read more about CMBToken: How Does The CoinMarketBrasil Token Work?[…]

Using Blockchain Technology to Control the Internal Business Environment.

“Mastering some of the forces that affect your business can be pivotal to your company’s overall performance. The extent to which you as an entrepreneur can control them differs both internally and externally.” Original link: